Something new arrives at the deli.


We have just found a new supplier of some wonderful Italian products.

Flavoured Grissini, rustic style hand rolled breadsticks. These crunchy, light Grissini are perfect for dipping, or try rolling prosciutto around them and serving them as a canape.

Lingue; Typical baked cracker from Liguria, whose name in the local dialect means "mother-in-law's tongue" These cracker make a tasty snack when eaten on their own, and an even tastier one when topped with some blue cheese and rocket salad.

Tocchetti, are small cracker squares made with a fragrant sourdough, similar to the dough used to make the Lingue. They are rolled out and cut by hand, then slowly baked until puffed up and golden brown. We have them flavoured with black olives and tomato and origano, both delicious with wine and cheese.

I think we will be seeing more goodies appearing from this new supplier!

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