New Breads to try


Bocatta from Italy, square in shape, crisp on top but deliciously soft inside.

Twisted Sourdough, is not at all like it’s name in taste, a robust bread that’s great with olives and cheese, just to nibble!

Sundried Tomato Loaf, is exactly as it says on the tin! Great texture, and the added bonus of the sundried tomato flavour.

Maisie’s Kebbuck, is now available from the deli counter.

Kebbuck is, of course the old Scots word for cheese. Maisie is Humphrey Errington’s mother-in-law. Some years ago she asked him to make a white cheese, as she was not fond of blue, so when the cheese was made he named it after her!

A hard, unpressed, unpasteurised cows' milk cheese with a natural rind. Made by Humphrey Errington at Carnwath in Lanarkshire, who also makes Dunsyre Blue and Lanark Blue.

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